About Us

THE CAR WITH DRIVER (NCC) RHAAMA SERVICE was founded in 1992 by a group of craftsmen who, in order to better respond to customer requests, meets in a consortium.

Currently, the consortium is composed of 20 members, each holder of its business. Our strength lies in the fact of not having employees, but only individual enterprises. We are a consortium with proven experience thanks to 20 years of activity in the field of services HIRE WITH DRIVER and DRIVERS.


Our services are aimed at various categories: entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, diplomats, celebrities, school services, municipalities, provinces, companies, entrepreneurs, tourists and individuals.

To all the customers we offer a wide choice of personalized services, cars representation, minibuses 8 +1, MPV first class and finally, fast shipping of goods.

Drivers with professionalism and experience will be available and able to satisfy every request with the utmost seriousness and confidentiality.


All veichles are always checked and tested in accordance with the law. Each member has the obligation to carry out regular medical examinations and to maintain high safety standards in order to ensure you (and us) the total safety. Our services functional and modern, make Rhaama Service a safe, established and focused on the future.


The CAR RENTAL WITH DRIVER RHAAMA SERVICE cooperates with the major groups of Italian and European oil sector, with industries, factories, banks, agencies, hotels and government of the territory. We associated with COERBUS and COER.IN AUTO.